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Light Me Up – A Strategic Board Game

Light Me Up - A Strategic Board GameAbout the App:

Light Me Up is a strategic board game where the goal of the game is to light up all the tiles on the board. This can be done by tapping on the tiles.

Clicking on a tile will toggle it’s state. That means if the tile is black it will light up and vice-versa. The catch is that while toggling itself, the tile will also toggle the state of horizontally and vertically adjacent tiles.


  • Choose the grid size from 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6
  • There are 5 different options of tile colors which user can change anytime in the game
  • Time keeper to track the time
  • One entry of high score per level is maintained by the application
  • High scores screen also allows to clear all previous high score data

The application is available on Google Play store and is available for Free download.
QR Code

Android app on Google Play

Do not have Android phone? Or want to try the App before download? No worries. Click here and check it out


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